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               About us

Vision Statement: The vision of Judah Worship Center Ministries, Inc. is to become an elite religious organization. Who will Inspire, empower, restore and enhance the lives of people through the Rhema Word of God and amenabilities. That will nurture and elevate the human spirit to become their better selves.

 Mission  Purpose

Judah Worship Center Ministries, Inc. is a Caring, Sharing, Loving God-fearing community of believers, whose mission is to nurture and elevate the human Spirit through the means of goodwill and love for all. We are committed to the causes and dignity of all people.  

         A Brief History

The Ministry of Judah Worship Center can be described as a journey. One of perseverance, resilience, courage and faith. A journey that proclaims the Sovereign authority of the Godhead manifested in the persons of Jesus Christ the Redeemer, and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. In essence, JWCM is a caring, sharing, loving and God-fearing community of believers, who amplify the principles of God’s Kingdom through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, having meaningful fellowship with the saints, and loving all humanity.

Essentially, worshiping Jesus Christ is the highest duty and honor of the ministry.

The initiation of Judah Worship Center was pioneered by Bishop Dr.

Kenroy A. Cuffy.  As he responded to the calling of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Cuffy started the ministry of Abundant Life on June 27th, 1999, with a group of seven founding members. It was later renamed as Judah Worship Center Ministries Inc. Since its inception, the ministry has been a fully organized church with various functioning departments. These departments include the women, youth, men’s ministries, and a Christian education department, a mission’s department, a pastoral care committee, an assistant pastor, and a board of trustees that works along with the Pastor, to govern the affairs of the local church.

The Ministry of Judah Worship Center is an active stakeholder in the East Flatbush community that frequently contributes food and clothing distributions, prayer requests, hospital and nursing home visitations, and other forms of almsgiving when possible, to aid its membership and visitors alike who may be in need. In conjunction with the Reverend Maureen Webster’s - “Giving Back” School program, JWCM participates in a scholarship program that offers school supplies and financial gifts to high schoolers and first year college students. JWCM believes in the active application of the Bible and in working together with other ministries to build God’s Kingdom here on earth. Galatians 6:2 states, “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and by doing so, we fulfill the law of Christ.” With this understanding, JWCM has extended support to numerous local churches in the Caribbean, as well. Judah Worship Center Ministries Inc. is Tax Exempted under the Federal and State 501 C3 Tax exemption code. It has been in operation for the past twenty-five years. Since its inception, the ministry has been performing the sacraments of ordination (equipping able men and women to serve in the ministry), marriage, baby dedication and water baptism. Despite the many challenges that the ministry has faced throughout the years, JWCM remains a vibrant battalion of soldiers for Jesus Christ, where all ethnicities are welcome. It professes that the principles of the Holy Bible is the supreme and absolute authority for all Christian living and practices. At Judah, the Word of God is preached with boldness and without compromise, pointing all men to salvation. The ministry will continue to be faithful to God because Jehovah Elohim is its refuge and strength, a very present help in all circumstances. Tonight, Judah Worship Center Ministries is “Alive @ Twenty-Five”! All to the grace of Jesus Christ!

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