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On Sunday,September 28th, 2014 we will climax a celebration of 15 years of ministry service as a church.The celebration starts on Thursday 25th with a candle light prayer march around the neighborhood and continues as a night of ministry reflections for our membership.Friday 26th is schedule for youth convention and this promises to be a grand time with our youths.Saturday is marked for community activities in the form of a Health Fair, Clothes/Coat distribution, Soup Kitchen and Prayer Stations.

Bishop Dr. Kenroy A. Cuffy and Lady Cuffy and the church family of JWCM wish to thank all who have supported us over the past years. We invite you to join us for a time of exuberant worship and celebration in the presence of the Lord.





The Mind's True Identity

What is your true purpose?

Honestly everyone thinks of you differently

Being around others is thought to be contagious

And some think it's a hide out from reality

Are you really just a void making its presence known?

Or were you made for a specific reason

Having so many uses that are yet to be shown

But everyday teaching us a brand new lesson

Surely you have a good and bad side

Perceiving and overly assessing one's existence

Many thoughts come in like a tide

Showing the true beauty of your presence

You're a place where everything happens

In the same notion nothing is really there at all

You are like a door which freely opens

For all things great and small

By using you wisely our life can be marvelous

So many things could unfold

But by not caring things will only be disastrous

Even when not much was told

How we use you really does matter

But not many people share that thought

We need to be careful here on after

For this is the reason people miss out on a lot


**Done by Franzia Cox

#poem #insight

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